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Metal roofing is a popular new roof option because of its superior quality, longer lifespans (15-20 years), low-maintenance, and energy efficiency which can provide cost savings and return on your investment. The modern look can help reinvigorate an older home’s design and improve its overall structural durability.

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Understanding Standing Seam

Standing seam metal roofs are a popular form of metal roof that offers customizability for clients. Each piece is designed, ordered, and cut custom to fit your specific roof.

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Standing seam metal roofs are made up of vertical metal panels. This roof style offers a level of durability not typically seen with shingle roofs. The trademark feature of the standing seam metal roof is that its fasteners are concealed. This makes for a more sleek appearance, as well as helping to mitigate the chance of a roof leak. Another advantage offered by standing seam roofs is in the name. The seams vulnerable to moisture-entry that hold the roof together are raised, providing a better line of defense for your roof. Metal roofing’s energy saving capabilities can’t be understated as well. In summer, metal roofing reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it, meaning it’s easier for your home to maintain a cooler temperature inside (and for you to maintain a cheaper energy bill.) In the winter, the metal roof also traps heat at a greater rate than other roof types, meaning the savings extend year round. 
In addition to regular standing seam metal roofs, Custom Construction Solutions also offers other metal roofing options, all backed by top-of-the-line Everlast products. Standing seam roofs allow for the flexible application of different roofing materials, including aluminum, copper,  and galvanized steel.  


With exceptional coverage and strength, the R-Panel profile is the perfect choice for commercial or industrial roofing and siding projects. The rigidity of this profile also makes it well suited to meet agricultural or fencing needs


The bold and classic design of the Desert-Rib profile makes it the residential, commercial, and agricultural profile of choice.  This is our most widely used profile due to its strength, durability, price point and ease of installation. It is highly recommended for most projects and can be used  for roofing or siding, interior or exterior applications

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