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Modified Bitumen Roof

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Our Process | Modified Bitumen Roof

Modified Bitumen is a mid-range asphalt-based material commonly found on flat roof homes and patios. This material is comprised similarly to asphalt shingles that you are used to seeing on pitched roofs, except it comes in a roll that is applied onto the roof surface and adhered to make the material sealed and waterproof. The installation can be comprised of several layers, which aid in making the material water tight and protected from punctures. However, due to the nature of the materials overtime you may notice the loss of asphalt granules as the sun, wind and rain wear on the roof. It is also not uncommon to notice the “buckling” of the material, which is caused by the expanding and contracting of the materials due to temperature changes. 

Though these are mostly cosmetic concerns, it is not a bad idea to have a roofer inspect your roof on an annual basis to maintain the roof or to look into upgrading to a TPO roof.

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